Clients and their caregivers will be required to meet with the management team and a Registered Practical Nurse prior to attending Dignified Day's program.  Assessments on eating, mobility, cognition, and psychosocial health will be completed at this time.  The assessment is done at no additional cost to our clients, and will allow our team to better understand both the needs and wants of each individual client, ensuring we are able to provide an appropriate level of care. It is through this assessment process that we will determine if a client is deemed Independent or Assistive.  If a client can do 75% of activities of daily living (i.e. toileting, eating, bathing, grooming, etc.) independently, they will pay the Independent Client rate.  If a client requires assistance with more then 25% of their activities of daily living, they will pay the Assistive Client rate.


Half Day (up to 4 hours)

$45 for Independent Clients

$55 for Assistive Clients


Full Day (between 4 and 8 hours)

$75 for Independent Clients

$85 for Assistive Clients


Special discounted rates are available for clients who attend 3+ days per week.  Check with your individual health insurance providers to see if Dignified Day's program is covered for you.